Hi! I'm Courtney, an Intuitive, Psychic, and Medium. I do private readings and teach tools for developing and trusting in our intuition...because we're ALL blessed with our own unique gifts of knowing…

Do you want to get deeper in touch with your inner wisdom and guidance? Learn to read energy like a pro? We are all intuitive in our own unique ways, reading energy all the time, but we're often unaware of how we receive information and what it means for us. We are our own best resource, and learning to access our inner well of wisdom is not only incredibly helpful, but pure magic...


** January is just special, because it’s a time we celebrate change. Including this one: Starting February, I’ll be offering discounted series and coaching packages. In the meantime, Contact me to Inquire.**

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One of my favorite practices for getting an absolute ‘yes’ vs ‘no’ answer. Of course, these practices are best done when we’re in energetic alignment....fore more tutorials, check out my video page....


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I'm an Intuitive, passionate about helping you tap into your own wisdom!

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"Wonderful and very helpful to me in my next phase of life's journey. Thank you so much!!"  - Stephanie C., LA

"It was very validating and also pretty cool to get a reading on issues with my co-worker. And what a difference it made!! Thanks again." - Patrick D., SF

"Um, wow. I had no idea what to expect, but that ended up being exactly what I needed! Thanks again for your empathy and kind words. I'm so excited to move forward with the great tips you gave me." - Britt A., NY

"When Courtney read me I felt blessed, reassured, and relieved. Her approach is lovingly holistic, generous, positive and inspiring. Her guidance was innately wise and rang true instantly. She was incredibly accurate when picking up on highly specific impressions. Courtney offered me a bigger picture perspective that instantly reinstated my faith and helped me to feel excited and optimistic about my life and intuitive impulses. She is gentle, sweet, and super gifted. Courtney has powerful psychic abilities that bring greater clarity, peace, and healing. She is an embodiment of innate knowledge and is a clear channel to Spirit. Thank you Courtney!" - Aeja G., BC

"Speaking with you was a pleasure! You're very easy to talk to and any anxiety I felt prior to our appointment melted away immediately. You were able to validate several things in my life and relationships which put me much more at ease going forward. You helped me to recognize some areas of my life and spirit that I need to pay better attention to and I already feel so much lighter just having had a light shone on those things. I greatly appreciate your time and your precious nurturing and healing nature. You're a true gift!" - Tabitha T., NY


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