Helpful Tools for Clearer Intuition...


We’re all born intuitive. However, many of us we weren’t taught how to tap into it and therefore we don’t always know when to trust it. We expect a big event, but true intuitive knowing is actually very subtle. In this video, I demonstrate one of my favorite practices for getting an absolute ‘yes’ vs ‘no’ answer. Of course, these practices are best done once we’re in energetic alignment so we can be sure we’re not mistaking our intuition with fear or even someone else’s!


As the saying goes, 'Go with your gut.' But what happens when our gut-based intuition is tied down with old fear stories? A lot of people ask me how to tell the difference between intuition and fear, and while it takes some practice to be able to read ourselves well, one really easy way, and often overlooked, to release old fear stories is to move the body.


With so much calling our attention all the time, modern life can be a doozy. Couple that with being an empath and...whoa. We can all get pulled off center sometimes. In this meditation, we practice energetic centering so we can FEEL what it's like to be in energetic alignment. That way, we can feel when we're off, and come back easily. And what happens when we're in center? We're less likely to get thrown off by another's energy, and more empowered to move from a place that serves us, thereby trusting our own intuition.


Grounding…one of the MOST useful tools in our energetic library!! This practice helps us get way down deep into our own inner wisdom. Here are some reasons why:

1. STAND YOUR GROUND: Like a well-rooted tree trunk, connecting deep into the earth helps us stand our ground mentally, emotionally, and physically. Even martial artists use a this practice to build resilience! By concentrating energy in our center of gravity, we feel more safe and secure in our physical body and we’re more apt to get a useful ‘gut’ instinct that isn’t based in fear. In addition, so many of us empaths, sensitives, thinkers and daydreamers tend to spend a lot of time with our energy floating up and away, out of our bodies. This leaves plenty of room for ‘external’ energy to throw us off balance. However, by practicing what this feels like in the body, we can come back to it anytime.

2. ‘LISTEN IN’ FROM A PLACE OF BALANCE & PRESENCE: Logic rules in our society, thus many of us spend too much time in our heads, trying to calculate all the answers. Of course, while it’s helpful to use evidence from the past to figure out the present, it’s just as important to BE in the present, actively gathering information. While the mind can travel to the past and the future, the body is always in the present moment. Therefore, we can use the body as a barometer to help us make more informed decisions. When we concentrate energy in the gut, we come into balance between body and mind intuition.

3. STOP CRAVINGS THAT INTERRUPT INTUITION: The biggest mistake we make with intuition is letting a perceived fear dictate our choices. Often, these fears are rooted in lack or in a strong craving. And hey, we’ve grown up in a society that’s taught us to look outside ourselves for everything we may need - most of us feel addicted to something, even if it’s as harmless as texting friends or eating too much soup. Of course, we are fed by our connection to others, good food, and the things we find joy in, but many of us will, at one time or another, feel an insatiable urge to be fed by something outside ourselves to the point where it’s uncomfortable or even destructive. This is often because our connection to nurturing energy from Mother Earth is depleted. If it sounds crazy - just try this practice! And remember, everything we’ve ever needed materially comes from the earth - whether it’s the food that feeds us and the people we love or the materials we use to make things.

4. RELEASE SPENT EMOTION & ENERGY IN A HEALTHY WAY: Another intuitive ‘mistake’ can be reacting to a situation in the present based on an old hurt from the past. It happens to the best of us. But, we can compost spent energy down into the earth rather than emotionally or energetically ‘dump’ when it doesn’t serve us or anyone around us. How many times were you hard on someone because of a bad experience you’re still holding onto from the past? Or had a bad day and accidentally let loose on an undeserving stranger? We weren’t taught what to do with our ‘spent’ energy. But just like dead leaves are beneficial to soil to be composted into new life, so can our spent energy be recycled into something more fertile through our connection with Mother Earth.


Just about every spiritual tradition talks about the importance of being present. Sometimes, it can be difficult to get there if we're still running energy from past events or future expectations. Energetically, getting present means connecting our physical body with the space we’re in, and clearing out the energy associated with our past, the stories and beliefs that keep us stuck there.

When we’re fully present, we’re more likely to make helpful intuitive decisions that serve our current circumstances - the updated versions of ourselves, if you will - rather than react to expectations based on past or future. Do you have patterns that repeat over and over? Get stuck in the same relationship? Same power dynamics at work or with family and friends? Use this practice to move energy through the body and replenish your connection. It will also help to feel more energized, empowered, and aligned.

*This practice builds on the energy tools in the video for ‘Energetic Grounding’, so if you haven’t done that one yet, please check it out first!


As Empaths, it can feel overwhelming to sense so much. But it doesn't have to! By getting acquainted with the feeling of where our energy is in space, more specifically our energetic boundaries, we can easily make adjustments. This tool, along with centering and grounding is key to feeling empowered as an Empath, no matter where you are!


In many spiritual traditions, we're flying up and away, out of our bodies whether we notice it or not. In this practice, borrowed from Qigong (some call it Chinese Yoga) we're both moving AND meditating, connecting with the Earth, blending spiritual experience with daily existence.

(....updated as the wind blows!)