QiGong for More Energy

Ok, while I have to say that I have probably never done a round of QiGong practice and not felt energized within the first 2 minutes of practice, in this video, I’m sharing two of my favorite movements that give me a huge boost of energy, quickly. Both are relatively simple to do, can be done anytime, anywhere, and can be used to draw up the energy of water, of deep yin-style nourishment, which is an energy that we in the West are often depleted from. Why? To put it simply, we spend so much of our time doing, and so little time resting. And we need that energy of rest, in order to balance the surges of energy that follow.

And since we’re nearing the Spring Equinox, leading up to the final days of Winter, the season associated with the element of Water in Daoist or Qigong tradition, what better time to share it? If we use nature as an example, in Winter, seeds do their growing underground, gathering water in order to sprout deep roots, so they’re strong enough come springtime to push through the soil with force. The time spent gathering energy beneath the soil would be their deep Yin period, whereas the burst of energy associated with growing would be their Yang. As humans, we also need periods of rest and insight, so we can gather inertia, and know where we’re going when we start to move again. And so, for these last few days of winter (and anytime really), it feels really good to draw up on our Water energy resources, to make sure our seeds are nourished enough come spring…or really whenever we need a boost of energy.

The first movement is a simple hip circle, knees deeply bent, the slower the better. It’s especially good for opening up the joints in the ankles, knees, and hip flexors, where our energy tends to stagnate due to all the sitting we do. When we move the stagnation, we allow for more energy from the Earth to be able to travel up the legs, without us having to do much at all. It also strengthens our legs, helping us to feel more grounded and aligned, and has the added benefit of working various Chinese Energy meridians associated with the Kidney/Bladder, Liver/Gallbladder, Spleen/Stomach and more.

The second movement specifically works with the energy of water, to draw it up the legs from the Earth, just as tree roots would draw water upward and direct it through the water channels that run up its trunk. We use movement, breath, and visualization to effectively work with the subtle body and physical body for optimal health and wellness.

These movements are also great for self-healing, optimal creativity, follow-through, cultivating sexual energy and of course feeling more energized in general. Enjoy!

…originally published on SFYogaMag.com