QiGong for Getting Centered

In this video, I’m demonstrating a quick and easy way to get back to center when you feel pulled in different directions. A great practice for festival season, for summer when we’re at peak excitement and want to do, see, and be everywhere and everything with everyone! 

As with all QiGong practices, we’re using movement, breath, and visualization to knit together our three energetic layers so we can feel even more aligned. This particular practice helps for increased intuition, more clear decision making, and a greater sense of trust. It works our ‘Earth’ element, and so I filmed it while standing on the fertile grounds of the sacred Mt Shasta.

To do this practice, it’s like swimming breast stroke around our hips. The hands and breath guide this movement in and out as we visualize our hands moving through soil or sand. The body starts to rock gently back and forth as you begin to feel your center. This move can be done standing or sitting, even as a visualization if you’re out in public and needing to come back to your center...Enjoy!

…originally published on SFYogaMag.com