QiGong for Better Sex

OK, everybody! It’s summer and we’re talking sex! Because...who doesn’t want a richer, deeper, more vital sense of excitement and connection to others and ourselves? This practice works for both women and men, for solo or partnered cultivation, and comes with the added bonus of helping to call in more harmonious relationships if you are solo but wanting a partner to connect with. How? In this practice, taught to me by Master Mantak Chia himself (who popularized Qigong for Sexual Energy Cultivation in the West with many books and classes including ‘The Multi-Orgasmic Man’), we’re working to harmonize two polarities. Through working with energy both rising and falling, we’re setting the intention on that sweet spot (point of balance and connection between yin and yang), which ultimately helps us feel more sensation in the body and become masters of our own energy. This is helpful for cultivating balanced partnership, amplifying sexual energy within or with another, and clearing blocks to feeling sexual pleasure within.

The movement itself looks like a body wave, undulating the spine at the back and front, with the hands moving an invisible pearl of energy to unblock any stagnancy in the subtle body layer of thoughts, ideas and beliefs. The breath comes in as the hands rise and releases as the hands fall. So, we are working the physical body through movement in order to move physical blocks to feeling deeply. We are also working the emotional body through breath-work to move emotional blocks to connection with others and ourselves, as well as the spiritual body through visualization to remove limiting thoughts, ideas, and beliefs connected to sex and relationships. Many of us don’t even realize what kind of blocks we’re holding, especially when it  comes to those that have been passed down subconsciously by our culture, families, and past experiences. This practice is an easy way to transform them as you perform this moving meditation and simply notice them coming up and out. 

In this video, you might notice my back body locked up a bit - this is something I now know I’ve got to work on...hey, we’re all in this together! That said, you want to go for even more of an ‘S’-like movement in the back body than you see here. As always, working with slow movements gives results that you can both see and feel deep within. Enjoy!

…originally published on SFYogaMag.com