QiGong for Energy Alignment!

If you’ve read my posts for the last few years, you’ll know how obsessed I am with QiGong, the ancient Chinese practice that translates in English as “Energy Cultivation.” In fact, that’s probably not the first time I’ve written that sentence. So I was so excited when the lovely ladies of SF Yoga Magazine reached out and asked me to start writing, and even creating videos, all about QiGong. But for this post, I’ll go easy on you and keep it basic.

First off, why do QiGong? Well, besides the fact it makes you feel high on your own energy, it’s great for your mood, mindset and physical health and well-being. The practice is sort of like a moving meditation, meant to knit together the subtle body layers with the physical body, in order to bring about an overall sense of harmony.

While there are so many styles of QiGong, and some of them are for the purpose of training in Martial Arts, Medical QiGong (what I’m demonstrating in this video) is one of the five branches of Chinese Medicine - along with Acupuncture, Herbs, Nutrition and Massage. QiGong works by fusing specific movements, breath and visualization (working three energetic centers and three layers of the physical and subtle body) to tone our various organ “‘spirits” or systems.

This first practice is a general warm-up, which helps to bring us into central alignment with ourselves, cleansing and clearing anything we’re ready to let go of, both physically and energetically. After, we’ll pump the lymphatic system and work to loosen up the spine and central nervous system while connecting with our greater intentions. Finally, we connect to the greater forces of nature. Enjoy!

…originally published on SFYogaMag.com