Envision Festival: Love, Pain, Harmony, Fun...And One Insanely Cool Plant Concert

Words cannot describe exactly what happened at Envision Festival last week, and yet, I’m going to fumble through this post anyway hoping that the energy underlying this story comes through instead. In any case, here are some letters I strung together for you: Love, Pain, Compassion, Opening, Harmony, Fun, Synchronicity, Surprise, Connection, Gratitude, Learning, and more Love of every type imaginable. Part yoga festival, part wellness conference, part rave, part jungle adventure complete with monkeys, frogs and even a kids zone, there was something for everyone, I don’t even know what I’d call it other than…well, words just can’t describe it. 

For example, I witnessed a plant playing a concert. Yes, a plant playing a concert. I learned about energy, herbs, astrology, divine masculine/feminine, yoga, qigong, healthy sexuality, social consciousness and permaculture communities. I met two new BFF’s over a cuddle party we'd all decided to show up to, yet sit out of, because for us three, it sounded like the most uncomfortable thing we could think of, and for some reason - quite possibly so we could meet - we all ended up there.  Even more magical, I left completely able to envision a world where this is the norm. Because who wouldn’t want to sit in front of a stage with 2 beautiful people meditating, a little sapling between them hooked up to a lie detector test so it could play songs that sound like fairy dust for us? And who wouldn’t want to send it love through our palms in order to hear it change keys? And who wouldn’t want to go dancing and singing afterward until the sun came up and the monkeys started howling and eating from the bounty of fresh fruits growing abound? And then who wouldn’t want to go soak in the warm tranquil waves of the Pacific after that with your new best friends who you met completely by chance, but found out you have pretty much everything in common? And who wouldn’t want to do yoga in the mornings, learn about sustainable farming and herbal elixirs in the afternoon from renowned experts like Stephen Brooks and Sarah Wu, and then go eat some of the best jungle pizza you’ve ever tasted while listening to the year’s astrological forecast from the adorable and beloved Kaypacha? And hey, if you really wouldn't want to do these things, you could also just have a party in your luxury VIP treehouse and then go dancing to the insane music line-up which featured acts like TroyBoi and Xavier Rudd. And that’s why there was such a rich and diverse crowd from all over the world. I met friends from Lebanon, Sweden, Canada, Russia, and of course Costa Rica. And with all that being said, I think I’ve finally found the right words: Please…take me back to Envision.

To learn more about Envision Festival and find out how you can join next year visit: envisionfestival.com.

Post written for SFYogaMag.com