4 Reasons To Take ISC’s Intuitive Classes Online!

Before I began studying with Debra Lynn Katz at the International School of Clairvoyance, I’d tried my fair share of teachers. A sensitive soul who ended up at psychic school out of necessity rather than curiosity, I was relieved when I finally found a teacher who bordered on the more...let’s just say, upbeat side of things. Like other teachers, Debra takes her decades of work and research seriously, but with her, classes felt more like play-time. There was nothing too ‘mysterious’ to talk about, no warnings or fear or misgivings, and I never felt like she was trying to sell me anything. Eager to spread the knowledge, she seems to thoroughly enjoy what she does, yielding results that are not just magical (and therefore profoundly healing) but have been known to lead to fits of out-loud laughter at all the guts and glory of life. But before I go gushing about all things ISC and Debra, although I could, I’m going to compile all my favorite things into a neat little list for you...

1. Their classes are online. Yes, I know that’s in the title of this post, but it’s worth mentioning twice. Well, technically her platform is online and the classes are live each week, with some being over the phone (tele-seminars) and some being webinars, but hey, that all still counts as online. Whether you’re busy or you live in the middle of nowhere (like one student I studied with in the mountains of Nepal), her classes are accessible. There were times when I just pulled over to the side of the road to join class in my car. And if you’re sensitive to others’ energy or just plain nervous about studying the world of the unknown, this adds an extra layer of comfort. Plus, it’s pretty cool when you realize you can read energy from 5000 miles away!

2.  The community. Perhaps it’s her fun attitude and sweet personality, Debra attracts the nicest bunch of people. Mostly women from US and Canada, with a few Australians and  monks-in-training sprinkled in for good measure, all of her students seem to have the best of intentions. Everyone is kind and supportive of each other, from all walks of life, and you can use her SeventhSight platform, to connect with anyone and schedule practice sessions during the week - in fact it’s free, and most of SeventhSight is also open to the public. Because of all this, there are so many great people to connect with!

3.  The teaching style. Debra and her guest teachers’ style and lessons flow according to what feels most relevant for the time and group. Even if I don’t feel like class that day, I always hang up laughing, saying to myself, ‘man that turned out to be exactly what I needed today!’ And whenever I check in with classmates, I hear the same. Beyond that, no two classes are ever the same. And since all classes are recorded, if there’s another class in your level running on a different day, you can download the other class’ material. Not a bad deal!

4.  Debra. Joyful, curious, and presenting decades of research while remaining open and posing questions, Debra never pushes her agenda. Because, let’s face it, none of us have all the answers about a vast universe we only play a small part in. And having your teacher acknowledge that is refreshing. Debra gives her students the tools and confidence to explore what’s true for them, eager to learn from her peers as much as they are from her. She has a feminine, nurturing manner that is a pleasure to be around.

To learn more about her offerings, and EARLY BIRD SPECIALS FOR WINTER (!!), check out her website www.DebraKatz.com.

Photo: Courtesy of ISC
Post written for SFYogaMag.com