Jasmine Tarkeshi's New Yoga Book!

Those of you who’ve read our previous posts about Jasmine Tarkeshi - Laughing Lotus’ co-founder (and teacher and activist and now author!!) - know we at SF Yoga can't get enough of this bright and passionate lady. You will also know how devoted she is to teaching yoga, not just as a physical practice, but the entire lifestyle and philosophy it prescribes. And her new book, Yoga Body and Mind Handbook: Easy Poses, Guided Meditations, Perfect Peace Wherever You Are launching April 4th, is an easy-to-follow manual on just that. In fact, it’s so easy that in under an hour, I already have a new breath-work routine planned for this aft based on my Ayurvedic Dosha type and time. (And no, I’m not bragging about my speedy reading skills, this book is really that awesome!)

For the beginner, the Yoga Body and Mind Handbook illustrates each pose, with clear instructions on how to do it, eventually prescribing routines to string them together, almost like a cookbook, that range anywhere from 10 minutes - 1 hour of practice that you can do in your own home or at the office. Additionally (and very importantly) we’re also provided with meditation techniques, breathing techniques, and an introduction to Ayurveda and the Eight Limbs of Yoga. For the more seasoned practitioner, this book fills in the blanks of what you may not have learned in class, for instance labeling poses as ‘grounding’, 'calming' or ‘energizing’ so that we can begin to sequence our own routines at home based on our Ayurvedic Dosha type or what we may need for that day.

But perhaps my favorite part of the book is its message: yoga is for everyone, regardless of what you look like doing it on Instagram because we practice just as much for the mind as for the body. As a social justice activist, Jasmine also outlines why acting with kindness and compassion is just as crucial to your practice as doing a downward dog. And with its adorable and easy-to-follow design (did I mention that already?) this makes a great gift for anyone of any age. To be honest, I might love this book just as much as I love Jasmine, and trust me, that says it all!

Photo: Stocksy/Lumina
Post written for SFYogaMag.com