Lauren Walker Brings Energy Medicine to Yoga!

As you may well know by now, I'm obsessed with self energy work. And so, when I heard that Lauren Walker, a long-time student of Donna Eden and yoga teaching veteran, was releasing The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription, a book about blending, Energy Medicine and Yoga, I was intrigued. After all, the physical practice of yoga is meant to bring about the spirit of one-ness and we simply can't feel in balance with the whole of the universe if we're not already there within our own body. And with so many people practicing yoga, what better way to make Energy Medicine available to the masses than by bringing it to the mat? 

In The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription, Lauren makes her practice accessible to the masses. With just enough background info on Energetics, she provides references to various archetypal patterns and energy pathways based on the Chinese energetic map to get the reader going inward and contemplating their own energetic makeup. Then, she comes to detailed descriptions of poses, many of which are familiar to even a novice Yogini or Yogi, but adds an element of sound vibration, breath-work, or visualization, not unlike the Daoist practice of Qigong. Which is not surprising given that ancient Qigong and Yogi masters were known to trade secrets. And then comes the best part. Once she gives you the chance to contemplate your own energetic makeup, then the tools with which to tone it, she provides evidence and encouragement to do it on your own. That is, by tuning into your own body rhythms and doing what feels right for you. Because ultimately, we are our own best healers, especially when given the confidence and resources through a beautiful practice such as this.

Lauren Walker will be presenting her work live at Book Passage on September 25th and at Integral Yoga Institute on September 26th, which you can sign up for here!

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