Workshop With Ford Peck: Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom

I first met Ford Peck in Fairfax at one of his Meditation workshops.  This led me to his yoga classes, which brought me to his energy healing sessions, which are more like psychotherapy (in which he’s trained), where he draws upon techniques from NLP, Yoga Nidra, various bodywork methodologies and too many other forms of healing to count.  With over 30 years of rigorous practice and study under his belt, he’s clearly passionate yet humble and the man knows his stuff - a winning combination I can attest to.  Even his cat is seemingly ordained.

His latest offering, happening this Saturday, June 4th, will be a workshop in Yoga Nidra - a form of deep, restful meditation.  The theme for this 3-hr workshop is about getting grounded in a way that helps us tap into our inner resources. Basically, when we practice being completely present and rooted in our entire bodies in a blissful Yoga Nidra state, it is much easier to call upon that state later on when faced with challenges in our sometimes less-than-blissful daily lives.  In this way, we can become our own pillars of strength in times of need, and we can heal ourselves, which is intensely satisfying.  Best of all, it facilitates better communication with our core intuition and guidance, which helps us avoid those decisions that get us into non-blissful situations to begin with.  It’s just good all around!

The workshop will include both seated and reclining meditation, gentle poses in order to loosen bodily tension, and some dialogue.  The fee is just $30 but space is limited as he prefers to keep groups small and intimate.  So what are you waiting for?!  To sign up, or for more info, please email him: or visit the Facebook Event Page.

Photo: Courtesy of Ford Peck
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