Retreat with Lesley Desaulniers!

With her infectious smile and upbeat sense of humor, Lesley Desaulniers has quickly become one of Marin’s most in-demand yoga teachers.  In fact, when she first arrived from New York and a friend brought me to her class at Yogaworks, it was under the condition that I not tell anyone about it.  But a good secret always gets out, and her positive vibes quickly spread around the Bay and thankfully, she now has many more offerings (and a larger yoga-classroom) throughout the week.  Having studied meditation, chanting, sanskrit, and philosophy in addition to yoga at the Ananda Ashram in upstate New York and at Jivamukti with Sharon Gannon and David Life, Lesley emphasizes what our yoga practice can teach us both on and off the mat.  She does so wisely but humbly, with relatable stories and even the occasional accent thrown in when she really gets going!  Basically, we can’t get enough of Lesley.  So when there’s an opportunity to take a full-day class her, we couldn’t be more thrilled.  

Next Sunday, on June 5th, Lesley will be leading a daylong retreat with sunset Bay yacht cruise at Harmonia in Sausalito.  The day will include extended Vinyasa and Savasana practice, with meditation led by Lesley, time mid-day to enjoy Harmonia’s sauna, garden and healing treatments (which can be booked in advance here), followed by a walking meditation, discussion and asana lab where Lesley will be getting creative with props and wall space in order to explore and deepen our poses.  To cap it off, participants have the option to join (but really, who wouldn’t want to join??) a sunset cruise around the Bay on a 51 foot yacht.  How lush!

Lesley will also be running a 100 hr teacher training, starting the following Friday evening, June 10th, where she will be teaching hands-on adjustments, advanced sequencing, Devanagari, chants on the harmonium, how to give a dharma talk, how to teach basics, private lessons, prenatal work, as well as get lots of Vinyasa 2/3 teaching practice and advanced prop work.  That’s right, this generous lady knows her stuff!

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