Getting in Tune with Karma Moffett

The room was packed. Everyone from 20-year old hipsters to community elders and even a baby was there for the sound healing and singing bowl concert. Karma Moffett arrived to sit in the middle of his vast collection of antique singing bowls, conch shells, woodwinds and bells, smiled wide and cracked a joke, ‘…and I was going to ask for the smaller room…’  The venue was vibrating with good musical vibes. 

Harmonia, a former recording studio where legends like The Rolling Stones, Prince, Bob Marley and Fleetwood Mac once recorded, has been lovingly renovated into a beautiful space for all things health and wellness. That’s not to say, though, that pieces of its heritage don’t remain. In fact, much of the original structure and memorabilia are intact. Upon entering the space through its lush garden, you walk through what was once a wooden shower built for Sly Stone and catch a whiff of cedar. Inside the building, there is a 7-foot wooden guitar that begs to be strummed and the hallways are dotted with gold and platinum albums. And of course, the acoustics are great. 

For this event, giant pillows were strewn about and the room was candlelit. By the time Karma began, we were all lounging comfortably on the floor in a meditative state. Karma explained where we were about to go: up a hill and into a forest to meet an ancient medicine man who would bless us all with a beautiful new year. The baby cooed with excitement as the first instrument was played. Much of the room fell into a deep trance. A friend claimed he could see the medicine man Mr. Moffett was referring to, but I was transfixed on the stage as Karma picked up one ancient instrument after another and played the perfect note. 

After the show, everyone had a permanent half-smile on their faces, and the crowd introduced themselves to one another as they spoke with awe about what they’d just seen. I slept better than I had in months and another friend claimed her morning dog-walk was more magical the next day. Had we been officially tuned?  Who knows, but I will definitely be at the next one. 

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Photo: Courtney Aldor
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