Get Sparked! The Game that Uplifts and Inspires

When Lisa Rueff, who leads those awesome yoga hikes you can read about here, told me she’d created a game, I was intrigued.  A game?  I wondered why anyone would need games in a city like SF with endless things to do indoors and out, but as soon as she told me how it came about, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one.  

It all started when she was invited to a friend’s house with a select group of women she didn’t know.  The host had organized it in an effort to inspire her teenage daughters about women supporting women.  In an orderly fashion, they went around the room while every woman answered a question like ‘what is your proudest accomplishment?’ or ‘what could you use help with?’  Lisa left that night feeling loved, inspired and uplifted.  Two nights later, at another gathering of girlfriends, a woman shared a heart-warming story about healing herself from a chronic debilitating illness, even bringing a photo-book with her that documented her journey.  After she finished her story, the host announced it was time to play Cards Against Humanity.  But Lisa was more interested in staying in an upbeat conversation, and hearing more about this remarkable woman’s story.  And then it hit her - why not create a game that would create a setting for women to inspire and uplift each other?  And so, Sparked was born.

In creating the game, Lisa teamed up with Jen Mazer, the Queen of Manifestation - seriously, check it out, she’s adorable - to create a set of deck of cards that is not only full of heart, but also fun.  Questions range from ‘if you had a superpower, how would you use it to enrich the world?’ to ‘what’s your favorite dance-move?  Show the group!’, which prompted my new friend Courtney (other Courtney) to do the best clam-shell I’ve seen and made me want to get up and dance with this almost total stranger.  I learned some things about my friends I never knew and even some things about myself I’d never considered.

Sparked is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, from now until May 18th.  For just $35, you can get your very own game (complete with the magic wand that, when pointed at your friends, makes them do and say hilarious things) and for a larger donation you can even get some gold Sparked tattoos to stick on unsuspecting friends or a weekend getaway in Napa Valley.  For more info, please visit their website or visit their Kickstarter page.

Photo: Courtesy of Lisa Rueff
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