The team over at IMBŌDHI have seemingly been busy.  Not only will they be launching a line of bodysuits this September, 100% California made with prints designed by Bay Area artist Nicolette Stellavato, but they're also working on a series of profiles meant to inspire us to live our own embodied lifestyle.  We caught up with Ariel and Carolina to find out more...

1. What inspired you to come up with the new line?  And why bodysuits?

As two acro-yogis, dancers, lovers and adventurers, we’re continually seeking to become more agile and integrated in our movements. The bodysuit was birthed from the love of freedom, simplicity and embodiment. We wanted to create a piece of clothing that allows for complete range of mobility---a second skin. The  IMBŌDHI Bodysuit is that. It supports an embodied lifestyle and how it’s made supports a life of sustainability.

We also wanted to create distinct gear---technical, yet simple---that supports one’s comfort and sense of self. The bodysuit allows women to feel confident and beautiful in their unique body. It follows the body's contours, provides compression and full coverage in the tummy/breast areas and is super quick-dry. The design allows women to feel light and free from having to adjust their clothing while they’re in their flow.

2. What else are you up to?

The creation of the bodysuits is part of a greater project to explore what it means to be embodied. In the IMBŌDHI blog project, "To Be Embodied", we will have a weekly showcasing of extraordinary individuals who excel in some form of embodied living. We’ll ask them to define what embodiment means to them, and to explore the different tools they use to pursue that state.

We believe the next step in human consciousness is towards a state of higher sensitivity, greater listening, and greater presence. It is from this place that we can tap into our unique super-powers to orchestrate our realities with greater ease and joy. “To Be Embodied” is a project that reveals how we are each fully equipped with unique abilities that can be honed and shared with the world.

3.  Where can we buy the bodysuits?

The bodysuits will be available for purchase in September via our online Until then, each month we are giving away a free bodysuit to one of our new email subscribers. You can enter to win here. And check out our blog via the website: we’re interviewing incredible people this month!

Photo: Courtesy of Carolina Saboya
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