Ayurveda: 5 Tips for Spring

Spring is officially here, and it’s time for new growth and renewal! We asked Ayurvedic expert, Rachael Breeze, to give us some easy-to-follow tips for Spring:

1. Eat Green. Nature is providing lots of what we need right now. Kale, chard, sprouts, arugula, lettuces, green herbs etc. Steamed, cooked into a soup with spices, or as salads.

2. Eat Less. In the Spring our metabolisms switch over to cleansing/fat burning mode. We can align with this by lightening our diet & reducing foods like grain & dairy.

3. Use More Spices in your Food. Ginger, turmeric, burdock, and all of the green herbs like parsley, cilantro, marjoram, help digestion, circulation & cleansing.

4. Move your Lymph. As our bodies shift into spring cleaning/ weight loss mode, we can support our lymph system to move toxins out by exercising, dry brushing, and doing self massage daily.

5. Consider a Spring Cleanse/Detox: Taking a focused period of time to implement the above suggestions will help us to shed excess weight, reduce inflammation, and restore energy and clarity.

The best time to start?  Just after the New Moon April 7th.  Rachael will be leading a 10-day Spring Cleanse April 8-18th. For more information or to sign up, please visit her website here.

...AND stay tuned later this week for our profile on her practice and upcoming workshop!

Photo: Alexandru Tudorache
Post written for SFYogaMag.com