Yoga for Social Justice: 4 Reasons to Check Out the Upcoming Conference!

According to the wise women of the upcoming Yoga For Social Justice Conference this January, yoga and meditation are often perceived as solely internal, individual practices. Yet these practices also have the power to effect change in our community by promoting personal and social development. How does this work? Here are 4 ways!

1. Some of the world's greatest problems are caused by the split we create between ourselves and 'the other'. At the YSJ training, we'll learn ways to bridge the teachings and practices of yoga with social justice and activism to bring about more compassion in ourselves and others.

2. Gain an understanding of how to hold space in your classes for minorities, LGBTQ persons, yoginis and yogis of all sizes to help everyone feel included on the mat and off - yoga is for everyone! 

3. Learn to expand your personal practice to promote self-development that will in turn benefit your community-at-large. By looking at our systemic conditioning, we can dismantle deeply rooted habits and bias, changing our inner dialogue and thus outer expression.

4. Connect with your community of like-minded yogis and yoginis mobilizing for social change, in support, and to come together in action for causes you believe in.  Community discussion and dancing will follow the training!

The concern for the social welfare of both the world and its people is essential to the practice of yoga and for the sake of transformation and social justice. Historically, Yoga and meditation have been instrumental in facilitating social change. To learn more about the conference, please visit the YSJ listing on our Events page or click here to visit the Laughing Lotus website. You can also join the Facebook Event Page.

Click here to read the most recent interview with had with Jasmine Tarkeshi, the creator of the beautiful event!

Photo: Peter Hershey
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