Pono Ola: Balance Boards for Work and Exercise

Ok so while it's true that I write about yoga, I sometimes forget to actually do yoga....as I'm writing about yoga, that is. But no more! Because the Pono Ola multi-use standing board and exercise board not only serves more than one purpose, but it actually reminds us that it is possible to do both throughout the workday.

When NorCal based husband and wife team, Jeff and Danielle Olson set out to make a balance board, they wanted something that reminded them of the beach, of course. They loved the way moving on sand engages your body, but never feels dangerous. And thus their idea of creating 'a mindful balance board' was born. Yes, SF, we love us some mindfulness!

Their idea was to create a board that was balanced on all 4 sides, so you still get core engagement, but you can also focus on your form without the worry of falling over. To boot, the board can also be used at a standing desk. So you can go from working on it, to stretching with it, and then back to work!  The Pono Ola board shifts the bodyweight somewhat, but not so much as to take your focus away from what you're doing. The air pressure balls that support it can be inflated or deflated to change the amount of stability.  Pono Ola is made of bamboo and assembled in the US.

To find out more about their product, their upcoming online training courses, please visit www.PonoOla.com.

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Photo: Courtesy of Pono Ola
Post written for SFYogaMag.com