Why RAD Roller is So Seriously Rad

When I first met the guys at RAD Roller, I thought ok, here's another sales guy trying to sell me another fancy looking foam roller...until a friend ambushed me out of nowhere and got to work on my shoulder with their RAD Rod. Not a minute later, my stubborn hard-to-reach knot had softened significantly and I was SOLD. Unlike some of the products out there, this one was designed by a biomechanics expert, Mike Mallory, along with his partner, triathlete Dan McIntosh. As they introduced me to more of the RAD line, Mike explained how the line came to be. 'I was recovering from a spinal injury, and nothing was doing the trick of working tight fascia like I needed.' With the help of the tools he designed, he's now fully recovered.

So what exactly is so different and special about these products? For one thing, they can be used by health professionals on clients, thanks to the RAD Rod which can be used as a handle when inserted into the RAD Helix, or you can use each separate piece to work on yourself. With the long arm of the RAD Rod, it's easy to roll out the back of the body without having to contort the body, which makes for a more relaxing experience, to say the least.

Beyond that, there are various shapes and sizes that fit together in different ways and they have easy-to-follow tutorials and help available through their website. Take for instance the RAD Block. Made to hold each size of RAD Roller and RAD Round steady at various heights - which makes it awesome for storage and cleanup, by the way) - you don't have to sit or lie in an uncomfortable position to get into hard-to-reach places. And if you've ever tried to mash your pec muscle and ended up making out with the floor like I have, you'll thank these guys for their creative line of products.

To learn more about the RAD line, please visit www.RADRoller.com 


Photos: Courtesy of RAD Roller
Post written for SFYogaMag.com