4 Positive Messages About the Election

Let’s face it, much of the country is in a state of fear right now. Whether it be fear of the future led by a candidate they didn’t believe in for this election or the one prior, many of us are feeling off-kilter. But, with hard lessons comes positive change, especially with an open mind and the right attitude. So let’s look at 4 uplifting messages, and what we can do RIGHT NOW to help bring about positive change. Each of us has the power to make this happen!

1. Practice staying grounded. Stay calm in the eye of the storm both for yourself and your community. ‘Hold the pose, you must lead.’, says Kia Miller

Stated beautifully yesterday on her Facebook page yesterday, Kia says, ‘We see this drama played out in the news right now and we must be vigilant not to add fuel to the flames of confusion and fear….the drama of opposing energies…the moment we add energy to a wave of disturbance, it threatens to extinguish our presence.’ In other words, let's turn off the news-feed and make an effort to spread positive messages instead. She goes on to say, ‘he hurricane is there and we cannot stop it, but we can be the calm in its center and wait. When the storm inevitably runs its course, we will have an opportunity to take up the mantle of leadership in small and large ways that are necessary to affect change positively.’ Let's stay calm, stay grounded, be present in our bodies through yoga, meditation, dance, art, music, fun, whatever feels GOOD! This helps us elevate our energy, which then radiates outward to help our community.

2. The time is ripe to face our Shadow for the purpose of transformation. By acknowledging the ‘worst’ parts of ourselves and society, we can disarm the negative behaviors that are borne of it…

Astrologer Kaypacha told us a few weeks ago there’d be a major astrological aspect November 8th meant to expose our shadow, for the purpose of transformation. For more info on the shadow, read our interview with Ford Peck and Juna Mustad here, but basically it is that within us which we don’t want to see. It could be guilt, shame, fear, an irrational belief that causes us to act in a way that doesn’t serve us. Typically, we can identify our shadows by looking at what really bothers us (I mean, really) in other people. Ford Peck says, ‘anytime you have a strong sense of divisiveness or making another group wrong, that’s all shadow. To disarm your shadow, all you have to do is acknowledge it. To do this builds compassion both for yourself and others. Doing this brings about profound positive change. Now is the perfect time to try it.

3. United we stand, divided we fall. We can work on ourselves to create unity with others…

When I interviewed Ford Peck last week on Shadow, he mentioned what Carl Jung had to say just before WWII about the sense of division in public discourse creating the perfect climate for war. Anytime you point a finger at another person or group, it can create conflict. On the flip side, the more each of us look inward, thereby doing work on ourselves, the more it influences others to take the same action and creates peace. We have an opportunity right now more than ever to choose unity for the greater good. Check out CTZNWELL to see how you can unite with those in your community, who are working to better it!

4. Keep the bigger picture in mind...

Babaji of the Sonoma Ashram tells us ‘nothing is worth losing your peace…everything has its beginning, middle and end. Keep the bigger picture in mind. Keep moving towards the ultimate goal of realization of the Self. Have confidence that whatever happens, whatever comes, you’ll make the best of it. Do whatever you can to bring peace in your own heart and in your community.’ Hard lessons build strength and character, personal empowerment is the key to moving forward in the right direction. Now is the perfect time to step into your higher self, surrender and practice trust in a higher order. As self-proclaimed spirit-junkie Gabby Bernstein so lovingly reminds us, the universe has our back.

...So let's do this, guys! What an opportunity we have before us!

Photo: Ian Schneider
Post written for SFYogaMag.com