> What exactly is an intuitive reading?

I read energy. Plain and simple. So whether I’m communicating a message from a guide (if you believe in that) or reading the dynamics of a relationships or future scenario, it all stems from the way your energy looks at the time of the reading. From what I’ve seen, we hold onto a specific energy patterns, though we experience shifts based on our surroundings, and especially when a certain pattern is brought to light. In my own life, giving and receiving readings has made profound shifts, and it’s why I LOVE doing what I do. That being said, it’s important to note that I’m not a medical professional and I make no claims to treat or diagnose illness of any kind.


> Why is it helpful to get a clear picture of our energy?

I like to think of it this way: if the computer you’re reading this on, began as an idea (which it must have), that means it started out as some pattern of energy. We know ideas exist, even though we can’t see or touch them, and I use the word energy for lack of a better term. In any case, because energetic patterns like this so often seems to create our reality, it’s helpful to know what energetic patterns we’re holding.


> What can you hope to gain from a reading?

Often, I’ll point out something you already knew, but were unable to admit to yourself or see clearly. This includes thought patterns, limiting beliefs, areas where we’re making decisions from and holding onto past pain, etc. I’ve been trained to do mediumship, future projections, and even read the energy surrounding a physical condition, though again, I am NOT a trained medical professional and therefore I don’t give medical advice. Should I see something that may require medical attention, I will always suggest seeking out a trained professional, and I’m happy to suggest practitioners upon request.


> What will you likely not learn during a reading?

Each and every one of us has the power to manifest our beliefs. Therefore, I NEVER focus on a situation or outcome rooted in fear, other than to point it out as a limiting idea. Why? Because my goal is to encourage and empower my clients and give them useful, helpful information.


> How do you know if getting an intuitive reading is not for you?

If you’re not so sure about what you've read already, then maybe this isn’t for you, and that's ok. We all operate according to our own truth and what works best for us, and no two people are alike. I am not a trained psychotherapist, nor do I have the personality of one. I am direct and to the point and try to present insight in the way it comes through, bearing in mind that information presented in more ‘positive’ language can have a more desirable outcome for my clients, and really, all of us. I don’t analyze or sugarcoat, and I don’t believe in spreading messages of fear. I try to present solutions, and steer my clients toward a path of personal empowerment. In the end, we all make the decision to help and heal ourselves, and we are powerful beyond measure to do so, especially when we've got good insight and the tools to get ourselves through.


> Free will vs destiny? 

Of course, I’m only human, and I don’t profess to have the answers. But often what I see from readings is that we’ve all got a bunch of lessons we’re here to learn, and a purpose we’re destined for, which usually has to do with those lessons. And then we’ve got free will to choose what we do at every juncture. The stories and people that teach us these lessons can vary, yet sometimes we have specific key players. For instance, some people seemed destined to meet a certain person who comes around and around again in their lives, while others seem to have different variations of the same personality show up. Ie. Do you have a similar relationship to your boss as you do with a parent, no matter how many times you’ve changed jobs? Same romantic relationship patterns with everyone you date? Underlying patterns seem to repeat themselves until we’ve learned our lessons and make a conscious choice to do something differently. What if you’re destined to create a specific invention? Complete a specified task? I think we always find our purpose eventually if we’re willing to put in the work and follow our inner knowing, which is often buried under a series of old stories and beliefs. This is what it seems like, anyway, but since I’m convinced we all know what’s true for us deep down, if what I’ve said doesn’t resonate with you, please do NOT take my word for it. Seriously. Which brings me to the next FAQ…


> What can you hope to learn from the classes and videos?

What drove me to do this work in the first place was my sincere wish to teach about intuition and our connection with inner wisdom. And so, my goal is to help those who wish to deepen this connection find ways to do that. I try make my offerings diverse, since we all resonate with different practices. Some of us are beginners and need proof, which happens once you test out these methods. Others find they’re already perceiving so much, and for that, I offer tools for aligning with your own wisdom while learning to tune out that of another or the collective. If you’ve got all that down, I offer more advanced tips and tricks, geared towards what is useful in daily life. And of course, we all perceive differently, so I try to offer techniques that will work for everyone - from those who are more kinesthetic to visual to auditory and beyond. Are you an Empath or Sensitive person who needs help understanding how it relates to intuition? I’ve got you covered, and I can definitely relate! For now, my library is still small, so you’ll have to play around and see what works for you, but eventually I’ll be categorizing them all.


> Why do I talk about energy so much?

Because it’s the best way I can think to describe the stuff of intuition. When our ‘energy’ is nicely distributed throughout our physical and subtle bodies, intuitive information becomes easier to decipher. When we can understand how we uniquely perceive and interpret energy (which we all have the ability to do - it’s like learning a new language), we gain a better understanding of our intuitive ‘hits’, and even the ‘misses’. 


> What’s my educational background?

Life, really. I’ve studied with a wide range of teachers - some of whom you can find written about in my blog section - and I completed all levels of the International School of Clairvoyance. Yes, there is such a thing, and I originally went there to learn how not to be so clairvoyant because I thought it was a problem. I’m also a ‘regular person’ with a BA in Fine Art & Design with a minor in Commerce. I spent 10 years working in fashion and beauty photography in NYC, where I used my intuitive skills daily. I love writing, making art (right now loving ceramics and sculpting), dance, yoga, snowboarding, am obsessed with qigong, nature, travel, the ocean, and playing Plants vs Zombies on my iPhone, especially with my niece who may just be the coolest niece ever.


> How much is a session? And how do I process payment?

I charge $125/hour. Some of you may have noticed that I’ve trashed my old tiered system. I had this in place because it’s very important to me that my work is accessible to everyone. So, now I offer discounted rates monthly, intro specials and free classes. I take payment through Venmo and Square, and payment is required prior to a reading. If we’re using Square, I’ll just process your card on the phone at the start of the reading, which doesn’t eat into your time.


> What else is important to know before my first session?

1. Payment is required prior to a reading. I accept Venmo and card payments through Square.

2. You’ll have a much better reading if you’re seated somewhere where you’re comfortable, alert, and able to focus. Then again, if you absolutely MUST do your reading while driving and eating dinner with your 2 crazy dogs begging for food, then maybe that’s an important pattern that needs to be addressed in the reading. In the end, I always trust what shows up.

3. There’s always the option to record the reading, so long as you ask me for it prior. I’ll usually offer it, but if it falls through the cracks, please ask!

4. Notes are great too. It’s not always necessary, but personally, I like to take notes about key points as I NEVER listen to a recording. Why? Because I believe energy changes moment to moment, especially when a pattern is pointed out, so recordings feel old to me, while I tend to capture larger themes in my notes, but that’s just personal and presented as an example.

5. I read over the phone. It’s most helpful for me to get a clear un-biased picture and this way, my schedule is more flexible and I can serve a wider area.

6. I’m flexible with my time during the weekdays, often booking according to my client’s needs, but I don’t work on weekends or holidays. 


> My story….the long-ish version!

I have always been ‘intuitive’, ever since I was a kid. Although early on in life, I had some trouble with it and it scared me. I can remember feeling the pain of other kids, my family, and hearing lots of static in my head. I often blurted out what someone else was feeling, a sentence I’d have no recollection of saying seconds later, or a future prediction, with little understanding of what I was doing, and it didn’t make me the most popular kid around. When people say words, I perceive pictures of the underlying energy instead, and would often describe things in pictures, so I often had trouble with communication. Eventually I developed chronic migraines and some social anxiety. While I always used my intuition to get by, I tried to myself otherwise. 

In my 20’s and 30’s, I decided to try to get to the bottom of my migraine issue. And among many factors, one of the most prominent seemed to be anxiety over my ‘sensitivity’. I went to psychic school in an effort to try to shut it off for good. But what I learned there was not only that I had a true gift, but that these skills translate to daily life in ways that are SO useful yet so misunderstood. Our own connection with intuition leads to deeper trust and faith in ourselves, and leads us to our destiny. So…it’s pretty empowering. The tools for working with intuition (which are rooted in our ability to consciously read and translate subtle energy) have been absolutely life-changing for me, and it’s my hope to be able to share with anyone who wants to learn.