> What exactly is an intuitive reading?

An intuitive reading sheds insight on the current state of your subtle energy and where lies your focus.. This includes the physical, emotional, and mental / spiritual layers, which all information about what you’re working with in your life right now, from relationships to career to life-path, health, and healing.

> And …what else?

Past Life, Soul Path / Akashic Record, Ancestors, Guides, Angels, Loved Ones who’ve passed on…info from various ‘sources’ can show up in readings if it’s relevant to what you’re working with in life right now :)


> Why is it helpful to get a clear picture of your energy?

Often, our rough patches in life come from the blind-spots and unhelpful beliefs we have a hard time admitting to ourselves that we’re holding onto. But with awareness, we shed light on them, which helps to move energy blocks quickly and efficiently. .Our subtle energy patterns really do create our reality, and since we all have free will to choose our own adventures, having more awareness gives us even more opportunity to choose.


> What can you hope to gain from a reading?

Insight and transformation!! An intuitive reading helps to highlight and shift something you already knew, but were likely unable to admit to yourself or see clearly. This often includes both gifts and blocks you may be holding within your field.


> What will you likely NOT learn during a reading?

Since every one of us has the power to manifest our beliefs, together, we will never focus on a situation or outcome rooted in fear, other than to point it out as a limiting belief. My goal is to encourage and empower, to give useful information for positive transformation!


> What can you learn from my classes and videos?

What drove me to do this work in the first place was my sincere wish to teach about intuition and the power each of us has to connect with inner wisdom. And so, my goal is to help those who wish to deepen this connection find ways to do that. I try make my offerings diverse, since we all resonate with different practices. Some of us are beginners and need proof, which happens once you test out these methods. Others find they’re already perceiving so much, and for my sensitive sisters and brothers, I offer tools for aligning with your own wisdom while learning to tune out that of another or the collective. If you’ve got all that down, I offer more advanced tips and tricks, geared towards use in daily life. And of course, we all perceive differently, so I try to offer techniques that will work for everyone - from those who are more clair-empathic to somatic, visual, auditory and beyond. Are you an Empath or Sensitive person who needs help understanding how it relates to intuition? If so, I can relate and I’ve got you covered!


> Why do I talk about energy so much?

Because it’s the best way I can think to describe how we connect to intuition. When our energy is flowing smoothly through our physical and subtle body, and when we’ve got a good ‘library’ of how we interpret signs and symbols,, intuitive information becomes easier to decipher. Also, when we understand HOW we each ‘see’, ‘hear’, and interpret energy, we gain a better understanding of our intuitive ‘hits’, and even the ‘misses’. 


> How much is a session series? And how do I process payment?

I now work in session packages only, so there is always support through our journey and a container to hold space for transformations that occur. This includes the offer of community support, and various rituals and even dietary support so that you’re well cared for. I offer one-on-one’s and group sessions at various pricing. Please check my homepage or reach out for more information. I accept payment through Venmo and Square.


> What else is important to know before my first session?

1. Payment is required prior to a reading. I accept Venmo and card payments through Square.

2. Please be seated somewhere private and comfy, able to focus. If you’re driving, working, worried about getting interrupted, with a friend, those energies will likely show up in your reading!

3. There’s always the option to record the reading. I usually offer, but if I forget, please ask!

4. Notes are great too. It’s not always necessary, but personally, I like to take notes about key points as I NEVER listen to a recording. Why? Because I believe energy changes moment to moment, especially when a pattern is pointed out, so recordings feel old to me, while I tend to capture larger themes in my notes, but that’s just personal….

5. I read over the phone. It’s most helpful for getting an un-biased picture and this way, my schedule is more flexible and I can serve a wider clientele..

6. I’m flexible with time during the weekdays, often booking according to my client’s needs, but I don’t work weekends or holidays. 


> My story….the long-ish version!

I have always been ‘intuitive’, ever since I was a kid. Although early on in life, I had some trouble with it and it scared me. I can remember feeling the pain of other kids, my family, and hearing lots of static in my head. I often blurted out what someone else was feeling, a sentence I’d have no recollection of saying seconds later, tune into a passed over ancestor, or made a future prediction, with little understanding of what I was doing. When people say words, I perceive pictures of the underlying energy instead, and would often describe things in pictures, so as a kid, I had trouble with communication (sometimes I still do) and eventually I developed chronic migraines, which I later realized was related to energetically ‘beating myself over the head’ and trying to block my 3rd eye.

In my 20’s and 30’s, while working to heal my migraine issue, .I ended up at several psychic schools (please ask if you’d like referrals!) in an effort to try to shut off my gifts for good. Instead, I eventually learned what a pleasure it is to be able to perceive energy so strongly, and howt these skills translate to daily life in ways that are SO useful yet often misunderstood. Our own connection with intuition leads to deeper trust and faith in ourselves, the greater life-force, and leads us to our destiny. So…it’s pretty empowering. The tools for working with intuition (which are rooted in our ability to consciously read and translate subtle energy) have been absolutely life-changing for me, and it’s my hope to be able to share with anyone who wants to learn.

> Who did I study with and how can you learn more?

Many of the posts on my blog are about teachers I’ve studied with and was inspired by. I’m so happy to refer you to someone who you might resonate with according to your interest - please reach out and ask! As for certifications, I’m a graduate (and a volunteer) at the International School of Clairvoyance, and completed my Qigong teacher training with Lee Holden QiGong. I have studied with several other masters of their craft from far and wide, in a variety of disciplines and consider myself a life-long student, always thirsty to learn more :)