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Manifest Money + Love Your Work!

Are you transitioning from working a job that sucks your soul to making money doing work that feels purposeful and that you love? Do you need help changing your beliefs around work and money? As in, you know you should be in abundance mind-set but tend to fall back to old patterns of worry or stress? Do you feel secretly (or not so secretly) resentful about money? The belief that work should be difficult or hard? This often signifies an energetic break that can be addressed in this new group series.

In this group, we’ll focus on aligning with your healthiest version of success and financial ease. The group will work together to remove energetic ties to lack, to not enough, to deserving, to worthiness, to having it all. This is a safe and sacred space where you can share, reflect and have your own personalized intuitive, guided sessions to catapult you forward onto your highest path. There will be inner work between sessions that will require you to dig deep and allow for new healthy habits to be formed, to create lasting change.

Working as a group also creates a potent healing space for shifting the energy of work + money. Why? Our work-life often involves collaboration and receiving support -- think tribal mindset, root chakra -- so this structure in itself will be an important part of your reset. It helps you to ‘practice’ being supported by your own unique gifts in community, thereby creating a new energetic imprint when it comes to your work in the world. It will allow us to tap into collective belief systems - societal, ancestral, past life - that aren’t serving us as a whole.

In addition, your group-mates will be your mirrors, so that with each win, you see what kind of success really is possible! And quickly! And so, your participation in the container is not only helpful, but a necessary part of the group healing.

Let’s make powerful shifts for the New Year!

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