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Awaken Your Intuition: Deepening Trust and Connection to Your Inner Guide

A collaboration with Kismet SF! Gut feelings, “pings”, knowings: Each and every one of us has the ability to tap into our intuition and deepen our connection with inner guidance, but our logic-based society can sometimes leave us detached from our innate sense of knowing. Opening up our intuitive skills is not about having the power to ‘read’ others: rather, when we deepen our connection to our own inner guidance by learning to understand subtle energy cues, we deepen the trust and faith in ourselves

Join Kismet and Oh Holisticism for a 2-hour workshop with me, intuitive Courtney Alex, as we discuss the different ways we experience ‘knowing’—be it through dreams, visions, voices, empathy, or even smells—and getting clear on each of our own unique intuitive strengths. I'll be walking us through a guided meditation and share unique energetic tools. 25-$50 sliding scale*

Snacks and refreshments will be served.


VENUE: Saje Natural Wellness, 1913 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115

*Kismet offers all of our events at an accessible rate. At Kismet and Oh Holisticism, they believe everyone should have access to healing and wellness. They also believe practitioners should be paid a fare wage. To make this possible, they ask that you pay what you feel this workshop is worth to you. If you feel inclined to pay a little more, think of "paying it forward"—you might be facilitating another's healing experience.

(Ph: c/o Kismet)