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Intuitive & Psychic Development: Akashic Records, Life-Path & Career

This class will focus on tools for reading the energy of career and life-path. While we're always technically 'on our path', our careers may not always feel in line with our work in the world, and it's helpful to understand the underlying energy of it so we know when to make a change. In this class, we'll focus on reading others in order to gain perspective for ourselves. We'll look at reading timelines, life-path patterns, akashic records, the energy underlying a story, ancestral patterns, and more. As always, we'll bring in Taoist and Yogic methods for clearing energy, so we can 'see' with more clarity. 

*Basic Psychic Tools class is suggested as a pre-req, but if you feel called to this one, I trust you can jump right in.


$25 before 12/2, $35 after.
*Includes Psychic Practice & Facebook group access.

(Ph: Matthew Ronder Seid)