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Learn Intuition At Envision Festival!

3 hour-long workshops, including:

* BE YOUR OWN PSYCHIC: Demystifying the sixth sense. An exploration of what it means to be psychic, intuitive, clairvoyant, and everything in between, for the purpose of understanding how we all uniquely sense subtle energy. Opening up to our psychic skills is not about having the power to ‘read’ others, it’s about deepening connection to inner guidance based on the understanding of subtle energetic cues, thereby deepening faith and trust in ourselves.

* ENERGETIC TOOLS FOR SENSITIVES: As a sensitive person in a not so sensitive world, many of us fall into the habit of feeling the need to protect ourselves. But we can accomplish a lot more by honoring our sensitivities, understanding when we’re sensing energy from others, so we can make a conscious choice about how to engage with it. It’s deeply empowering!

* 'CLAIR-ING' THE LENS IN ORDER TO SEE: The word ‘clairvoyance’ means clear seeing. However, we often interpret what we sense through the lens of our own experience, or through learned beliefs and fears, which isn’t always helpful. In this workshop, we’ll learn to explore the details of what we perceive, which often means the difference between intuiting information vs reacting to it.