Intuitive Workshops

Do you want to learn how to tap into your intuition? It's easy! We were all born with an innate sense of knowing, a deep well of inner wisdom that can help guide us to what's real and true for us. All we need to do is learn the tools to access it! Join my mailing list to get updates on my next workshop!

Intuitive Readings

I use my intuitive skill to offer clarity and guidance, to hone in on your individual strengths and what may be holding you back from what you really want. After all, each of us is uniquely talented, with the resources we need to follow our own path, sometimes we just need an unbiased reflection in order to get there. As a trained and naturally gifted Intuitive, I can see what you might be missing, but know deep down to be true. Ultimately, my greatest passion is helping you find your own inner voice and strengthening your connection to your own deep and powerful intuition. I offer 15, 30 minute, 45 minute, and 1 hour sessions. I also offer intro specials ($50 / 30 mins!) and discounted rates monthly, because I believe wellness should be accessible to all! Contact me to find out more!

**Please note, I've recently changed my pricing to $125/hour. For those clients still on the tiered system, I will honor this pricing until Sept. 1, 2018. I still offer monthly discounts to make my work accessible to all. I take payment through Venmo and Square.

Qigong Coaching

What does Qigong have to do with intuition? Everything! Qigong translates in English to energy practice. It's literally self energy work, designed to help you tap into your inner wisdom. As one of the five branches of Chinese Medicine, it's a moving meditation, and, like tapping into your intuition, its effects are magical and profound! Contact me to find out more!

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Hi, I'm Courtney...

As an intuitive and teacher, there's nothing I love more than helping reconnect people with their own inner voice and innate wisdom. As a born empath, psychic, and medium, I was overwhelmed with perceiving energy, confused about what I sensed and how to interpret it. But my life changed dramatically when I began studying the tools to read energy. I was floored by how much information is available to all of us, all the time, and how little use we make of it.. My mission is to share the wealth of knowledge I've learned. through reading and teaching tools for reading energy in order to connect with guidance on a daily basis... Because we've ALL got the gift! And with it comes a deep sense of faith, ease, and awakening to our true potential....